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Yoga For Beginners

These foundational beginner yoga classes focus on the process rather than the end result.

Whether you’re new to yoga, or looking to deepen your existing practice, welcome!


I invite you to pursue the growing collection of yoga tutorials and beginner-friendly yoga classes that can help you develop the vocabulary and confidence to make the yoga poses and movements your own. 

The following yoga tutorials will walk you step-by-step through how to get in and out of each pose safely. I discuss the benefits of the posture, functional yoga alignment, as well as modifications. I discuss how we can use props (blankets, yoga blocks, pillows, straps, and so on) to support us in our practice. 

There is an invitation to find what feels good in your body as you explore each pose. 

These foundational videos place emphasis on the process rather than the end result. These tutorials demonstrate what the yoga pose could look like. It is okay if the pose looks different in your body. Each of us have a different biology and biography. Our anatomy and the stories held within the body differ.


Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for our poses to look exactly alike.


One gentle reminder, these tutorials are a practice.


Yes, it would be nice to nail the pose on the first try; however, I invite you to be kind and gentle with yourself throughout the process.


It is a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect. 

Explore the following beginner yoga poses with me!

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