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7 Days Of Yoga

Join Yoga with Rachel for 7 Days of Yoga!

Day 1 of this yoga challenge is all about exploring your connection to the earth. 


Day 2 includes yoga poses and movements that encourage spinal flexion, extension and rotation to improve spinal health. 


On day 3, we release tension from the hips and low back. 


Day 4 is all about strengthening the core muscles. 


On day 5, we explore heart opening yoga poses to aid in the release of physical and emotional tension. 


Day 6 is a balance practice. We make use of the tools and vocabulary we explored from days 1 to 5 to support us in this practice.


Day 7 is a full-body mobility practice designed to support fascia and joint health. 

This yoga challenge is open to all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis. No props are needed to participate in this challenge. All that you truly need is yourself and your precious breath. 


I invite you to learn more about this yoga challenge by clicking on the “Learn More” buttons down below. Feel free to join this challenge whenever you believe it will serve you best. 


I look forward to moving and breathing with you soon!

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