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Stretch, Strengthen & Revive Fascia

Stretch, Strengthen and Revive Fascia

Half Splits Stretch Strengthen and Revive Fascia Yoga with Rachel

In the course, Stretch, Strengthen and Revive Fascia, you will learn: 

  • What fascia is, where fascia is located in the body, and the basic functions of fascia.

  • Reasons why it is important to keep your fascial system healthy. 

  • Ways to keep fascia healthy, supple and nourished. 

  • Movements and stretches that are designed to activate, release and revive fascia. 

  • Effective daily routines that train your fascial network. 

  • What it feels like to find freedom in movement through fascia training. 

  • How to apply your learnings from this course into your everyday life. 


This course includes: 

  • A 20 minute presentation on what fascia is, its importance, and the dimensions of fascia training.

  • 15 unique movement classes.

  • 50+ exercises designed to stretch, strengthen and revive your fascial network.

  • Movement routines for the morning and evening.

  • A chair routine that you can do while at work or on your lunch break.

  • Activities that you can explore off the mat.


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.

  • For those looking to improve their posture. 

  • This course is great for anyone who experiences muscle tension and stiffness (chronic or acute).

  • Those who experience headaches and migraines.  

  • Anyone who would like to feel more energized and focused throughout their day. 

  • Anyone looking to improve breathing. 

  • Those looking to explore somatic movements. 

  • Anyone who is interested in exploring the mind-body connection through mindful movement practices.

  • Those looking to rewire habitual movement patterns that can keep us feeling “stuck” physically and mentally. 

  • Those who want to move in a way that supports physical, mental and emotional health. 


I invite you to click on the button below to learn more about this course. 


I look forward to exploring the world of fascia with you!

Restorative Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Management

Restorative Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Management

Supported Reclined Butterfly Pose Restorative Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Management Yoga with Rachel

In the course, Restorative Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Management, you will learn: 

  • What restorative yoga is, its origins, the benefits of the practice, and why restorative yoga is necessary in today’s world. 

  • Key considerations for choosing and creating a space that will support you in your practice. 

  • Tips for calming your mind and body before and during your restorative yoga practices. 

  • Postures that can prepare your mind and body before participating in a restorative yoga practice. 

  • How to use props to support you during your practice.

  • Restorative yoga poses that offer comfort and messages of safety to your nervous system. 

  • A variety of breathwork (pranayama) practices, which have been embedded in the restorative yoga classes. 

  • How to soothe feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm through using the Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) technique. 

  • How to cultivate self-love through a meditation practice and affirmations. 


This course includes: 

  •  A 25 minute presentation on what restorative yoga is, its benefits, and ways that restorative yoga can recalibrate the nervous system. 

  • Ideas, tips and suggestions for choosing and creating a space that will allow you to get the most out of your restorative yoga practices. 

  • A short movement routine that will help prepare your mind and body for stillness. 

  • Tips for quieting a “busy” mind. 

  • 6 restorative yoga practices with different intentions. 

  • 30+ restorative yoga postures.

  • A progressive muscle relaxation for stress and anxiety relief practice.

  • A 10 minute guided meditation for self-love.

  • A positive affirmations video that you can listen to daily. 


Who is this course for? 

  • Anyone looking to promote feelings of relaxation. 

  • Anyone looking to release muscular tension. 

  • Those who experience chronic pain, including headaches and migraines. 

  • Anyone looking to improve their posture and spinal health. 

  • Those looking to relieve lower and upper back tension. 

  • Those looking to experience a more restful night of sleep. 

  • Anyone interested in exploring breathwork practices designed to calm the nervous system and improve the flow of breath. 

  • Anyone who would like to explore self-care practices to assist with building emotional resilience. 

  • Those who wish to explore and experience the deep connection that exists between the mind and body. 

  • Anyone interested in exploring somatic practices. 


I invite you to click on the button below to learn more about this course.


I look forward to relaxing and restoring with you!

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