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Nervous System Reset Program

Join Yoga with Rachel for a Nervous System Reset Program. This program is a free 7 day yoga journey. This Nervous System Reset Program is designed to support all layers of your being. We start with the outermost layer and work our way to the center or the core of your being. 


In this 7 day journey, we explore yoga poses and breathwork practices that can help recalibrate your nervous system. The heart of this yoga journey is the practice of compassionate curiosity. Exploring what feels good in your body is an example of how we can practice compassionate curiosity both on and off the mat.

So, what exactly does a nervous system reset mean?

Here are a few examples of what a “reset” could look like and feel like in your body:

  • Having more energy

  • Improved sleep quality (more REM and deep sleep)

  • Reduced muscular tension, aches, stiffness and pain (especially first thing in the morning)

  • Improved mood

  • The capacity to access joy more readily

  • Feeling your emotions, allowing them to be recognized, felt and expressed

  • An improved awareness of inner dialogue 

  • Noticing body patterns and tendencies more often

  • Sensing the flow of your breath 

  • An improved relationship with yourself

  • Feelings of safety and connection

  • Being present more often (less rumination and worries about the future)

  • Demonstrating compassion to yourself more often through words and behaviors

A nervous system reset is possible because the brain is plastic. This is known as neuroplasticity. The brain can change. This is excellent news! 


This 7 Day Nervous System Reset Program offers tools and strategies to help build new neural pathways. This can be so useful to your overall physical, mental and emotional health.


This program is such a beautiful gift to your mind, body and spirit. 


It is my hope that you will join me on this inward journey. 


Kindly click on the buttons below to learn more about this program! 

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