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How to do Lizard Pose

Today, we explore Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)!!!

This posture is a part of our "Back to Basics" Yoga for Beginners playlist.

In this practice, we will take some time to prepare our body for Lizard Pose. I will walk us step-by-step through this pose, while offering variations to ensure that this posture is accessible to all!

Lizard Pose is a deep hip opening posture that offers a juicy stretch to our legs. We will also spend some time working on our posture, creating one line of energy that flows freely through the body!

One gentle reminder, please listen to your body!

Think loving thoughts! Be kind and loving to your body! There’s so many options that you can choose from as you play around in Lizard Pose.

Optional Items:

Blanket, yoga block, bolster or a pillow for support and variations of the posture!

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