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7 Day Yoga Challenge

 A yoga challenge to practice mindful movement, intention setting and breathwork. 

Here's what you can look forward to in this yoga challenge!

  • Classes are FREE on YouTube with no expiration date!

  • All levels are welcome to join; from seasoned practitioners to beginning yogis!

  • Practices are 25 to 40 minutes in duration.

  • Each class has a different focus and intention.

  • There's a variety of yoga postures to explore and experience.

Build a strong at-home yoga practice with 7 days of daily mindful movement!

Learn more about the 7 day challenge by watching the video below.

The Classes In This 7 Day Yoga Challenge Can... 

Alarm Clock Icon.png

Wake Up The
Mind & Body

Strong Icon.png

Strengthen Your Core

Health Icon.png

Improve Digestive Health

Flexible Icon.png

Improve Flexibility

Heart Icon.png

Release Trapped Emotions

Balance Icon.png

Improve Balance

Energy Icon.png

Offer An Energy Boost

Thumbs Up Icon.png

Help You Feel Good

Spine Icon.png

Improve Posture

Stretch Icon.png

Provide Relief From Stiff & Sore Muscles

Mental Health Icon.png

Reduce Stress

Playful Icon.png

Encourage Play

Get Started On Your Challenge Today!

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