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Mount Fuji

7 Day Yoga Challenge

 Practice mindful movement, intention setting and breathwork. 

Here's What You Can Look Forward To In This Challenge!

Day 4 Core 1_clipped.png

Classes are FREE on YouTube with no expiration date!

All levels are welcome to join; from seasoned practitioners to beginning yogis!

Practices are 25 to 40 minutes in duration.

Each class has a different focus and intention.

There's a variety of yoga postures to explore and experience.

Build a strong at-home yoga practice with 7 days of daily mindful movement!

Learn more about the 7 day challenge by watching the video below.

The Classes In This 7 Day Yoga Challenge Can... 

Wake Up The
Mind & Body

Strengthen the Core

Improve Digestive Health

Improve Flexibility

Release Trapped Emotions

Improve Balance

Offer An Energy Boost

Help You Feel Good

Improve Posture

Provide Relief From Stiff & Sore Muscles

Reduce Stress

Encourage Play


Get Started On Your Challenge Today!

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