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How to do Boat Pose

Today we explore Boat Pose (Navasana)!!!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "don't rock the boat"? This phrase is normally associated with a negative connotation. When you "rock the boat," you are stirring up trouble, disrupting the normal flow and creating waves. This is said to create conflict and unease. This may be useful in some situations; however, I would argue that there are times when you need to rock that boat in order to bring about much-needed change. Challenging the status quo can create productive change. And it can feel so liberating! So, we are going to rock the boat on the channel today!

Boat Pose can strengthen our core, hip flexors and our backs. Even our hamstrings will get a little love as well! Although we are low to the ground, Boat Pose can challenge our balance. Our "boat" may tip over. And that is okay! You have the power to get back into your "boat," and learn and grow from the experience.

Optional Items: a yoga block or a thick book to invite more stability in this posture.

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