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10 Minute Morning Yoga

7 Days of Yoga

Wake up your mind and body with mindful movement and nourishing breathwork practices.

Lizard Pose Yoga with Rachel 10 Minute Morning Yoga Challenge

Morning yoga can:

  • Give you a boost in energy 

  • Boost your metabolism 

  • Improve mobility and flexibility 

  • Improve focus and productivity

  • Promote relaxation

  • Support heart health

  • Provide relief from tense, sore muscles

  • Improve breathing

  • Improve posture 

  •  Release feel-good hormones into the body, improving mood

  •  Empower you to dedicate time for self-care practices 


This challenge encourages you to engage in movement daily. 


10 minutes of mindful movement and breathwork can go a long way in relation to how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 


Gift yourself some you-time with this 10 Minute Morning Yoga Challenge. 


Click on the pictures below to learn more about each day of this yoga challenge. Join in whenever it feels good!


I look forward to connecting with you on the mat!

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