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How to do Dancer Pose

Today we explore Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)!

Life is a dance. There are times when we lead and moments when we follow. There are times when we lean forward with our hearts wide open. We take risks, embrace the unknowns, and continue moving along no matter what obstacle is standing in our way. We push forward.

There are also times in which we want to take a step back. To feel both feet rooted firmly on the earth. To feel grounded. We may feel safer remaining exactly where we are. Perhaps we feel that it is easier to follow suit in order to avoid conflict and unnecessary stress.

Understand that one is not better than the other. This is simply something to acknowledge and consider.

Dancer Pose offers a lovely stretch to our hips, chest, shoulders, legs, ankles, and works to cultivate deeper flexibility in our spine. This is a balancing posture that can help strengthen the ligaments and tendons in our feet. Dancer Pose invites us to stay rooted in the present moment as we are focusing on maintaining our balance.

Optional Item: a chair to support with balance.

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