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Bedtime Yoga For Deep Sleep

Unwind, relax and destress after a long day with these bedtime yoga practices.

Does sleep often elude you? Do you find yourself tossing and turning, feeling restless and uncomfortable? Do you feel as if your mind is working on overdrive as you’re replaying the day in your head or thinking about what’s on your plate tomorrow? Do you often wake up feeling fatigued, almost like a zombie? I want you to know that you’re not alone in these experiences.

Many of us are in an “on” state most of the time. There’s this drive to always be busy or doing something “productive.” We find ourselves in a “go” state, constantly moving, with very little awareness of what's happening internally. Our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations are often disregarded as more attention is paid to what’s external to the mind and body. Then the moment arrives - bedtime! We then proceed to lay in bed expecting that we can just simply transition from “on” to “off” in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves still “on” even in bed.

Bedtime yoga helps us act more as a dial than a light switch. As we explore restorative and relaxing yoga poses, we communicate to the mind and body that it is time to slow down the pace. As we connect with our breath, we feel more grounded and anchored in the present moment. We may begin to feel and experience the stressors that the body is holding onto. An evening yoga practice can help you release and let go of these stressors, as well as anything that is not serving you well at the moment.

You may find that you fall asleep fast following a bedtime yoga practice. This is because you’ve devoted time towards checking in with yourself. You devoted time to sending your mind and body messages of love, compassion and safety. You brought awareness to thoughts and emotions within your body, and instead of letting your thoughts and feelings remain trapped in your body all night, you allowed them to move through you.


I invite you to make bedtime yoga a part of your evening ritual using the following free yoga practices.

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