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7 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2 - Heart Opening Yoga

Day 2 of our 7 day challenge invites you to open your heart with this Heart Opening Yoga Flow!

Heart openers are said to release trapped emotions or feelings that do not serve us well in the present moment.

By “opening our hearts,” we create space for things that serve us well. This could be love, happiness, joy, setting healthy boundaries, self-care, and so on.

What you create space for is unique to you and your journey.

This practice also brings awareness to the heart chakra (located at the center of the chest).

This chakra relates to your relationships with yourself, others and the world. So this flow is intended to bring about balance to our heart center as we make space for love, compassion, understanding and connection.

Physically-speaking, heart openers are great for stretching out the chest and strengthening the back body.

By stretching the chest, you may notice that your breath deepens and that the breath can travel with more ease throughout your body.

Heart openers include backbends, which encourages spinal extension and can help strengthen the back body.

There are so many physical and emotional benefits to participating in a heart opening yoga flow!

It is my hope that this Heart Opening Yoga Flow serves you well.

Feel free to return to this practice whenever you are looking to let something go and to “open your heart.”

Sending love and light your way.

Namaste 🙏

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