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7 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3 - Detox Yoga

Are you ready to do this twist?! Day 3 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge is a Detox Yoga Flow!

Our Detox Yoga Flow includes yoga twists, inversions and some core work.

Yoga twists are said to “massage the internal organs,” while encouraging a healthy rotation in the spine and gentle compression to the belly region.

This twisting action in conjunction with the gentle compression can get things moving downward and outward...if you know what I mean!

Simply, twisting yoga postures are great for digestive health as it gets things flowing and moving in a way that serves us well.

Our Detox Yoga Flow also includes inversions, which are fantastic for encouraging the energy and blood to flow in the opposite direction.

In addition to this, we activate the core muscles in this class. The core offers support to our spine as we engage in twisting yoga postures.

The mind and body will get a good wash or rinse after this flow.

We wring out that which doesn’t serve us well in order to make space for what does.

I like to use the visual of wringing out a towel. Visualize that towel being full of water. Can you feel the weight of that towel? What happens when you wring out the towel, getting rid of all the excess water? Does the towel become lighter and easier to carry?

This is essentially what our Detox Yoga Flow is all about. Shedding the weight and letting go of what doesn’t serve us well in the present moment.

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