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7 Day Yoga Challenge Introduction

Who is ready for a 7 Day Yoga Challenge?!

This yoga challenge is open to all levels. This includes complete beginners, seasoned yogis, and all those in between! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

Oh and this challenge is FREE!!! No strings attached. This is my gift to you.

Our yoga challenge is designed to meet a variety of goals and interests.

Not sure if this challenge is for you?

Are you looking to...
build strength and tone up
improve flexibility and mobility
reduce stress
receive a boost in energy
improve digestive health
build a strong foundation from the ground up
enhance mind-body connection
improve balance
bring awareness to your breath
become more playful on your mat
feel good
improve posture
learn and apply the tools of yoga both on and off the mat
get some quality YOU time!
connect with a larger community with similar goals and interests?

If you said, “yes” to anything from the list above...well then, this challenge is for YOU!

A 7 Day Yoga Challenge is also a great way to develop a consistent yoga routine. It is also a fantastic way to start off the new year, full of new beginnings and opportunities.

So, what do you say?!

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