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7 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4 - Core Strength Yoga

Day 4 for the CORE on the FLOOR! That’s right, Day 4 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge is dedicated to Core Strength! 🔥

The core supports us in our everyday movement.

Engaging in postures and movements that are intended to strengthen the core can help improve posture, balance, stabilizes muscles, offers protection to organs, and can reduce the likelihood of falls or injury (especially low back injury).

Our class begins with a gentle warm-up to the spine and torso.

We also explore this idea of “bracing” or “engaging” our core muscles through our breath.

This Core Strength Yoga Flow includes some of the very best movements and postures for strengthening the core muscles.

This is a fiery class. With that said, we have periods of rest throughout this entire class. This gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the breath and to take a sip of water.

Listen to your body as we move through this flow. This may mean taking longer breaks during our periods of rest. I invite you to pause the video at any point during this class.

So are you ready to strengthen your CORE?!

If you said, “heck ya,” well then let’s do this!!!

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