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7 Day Yoga Challenge Day 6 - Yoga For Balance

Day 6 is all about BALANCE and YOGA (of course)! Yoga for Balance.

So yes, we explore balancing postures throughout today’s class.

We test our balance on the floor to start and then gradually work our way to standing balancing postures.

We spend time establishing a strong foundation by exploring our connection to the earth. Establishing a strong base can help us hold balancing postures with more ease.

Not only do we explore balancing postures, but we also explore our personal understanding of the word ‘balance.’

What does ‘balance’ mean to you?

For me, it means making time for self-care during a busy week. Even if that means putting aside that to-do list for a few hours or even a day.

Balance can mean something very different to you. This is the beauty of a yoga practice, as your journey, reflections and experiences are unique to you.

Finally, there are many benefits affiliated with balancing postures. Balancing postures can strengthen legs, feet and the core. Balancing poses can improve both concentration and posture. Balancing postures can be fantastic for reducing stress and overwhelm.

If you fall out of a posture, remember that the ground is there to catch you. More importantly, YOU are there to catch yourself.

I invite you to practice close to a wall or have a chair close to your mat to support you in these balancing postures.

Alright, let’s do this!!

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