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7 Days of Yoga Day 4

Core Strength Ritual

Welcome friends to Day 4 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge, and also welcome to your Core Strength Ritual practice! Thank you for choosing to be here! Sing it with me: “Whoa, we’re halfway there…”

We are at the halfway point already. Can you believe it?!

Day 4 is devoted to the CORE! With that said, we have been activating those lovely core muscles throughout our journey thus far. Standing in mountain pose, sitting in a cross-legged seat, lunges, cat-cow, downward facing dog - all CORE! So yes, you have been working on building core strength throughout our yoga challenge!

In today’s practice, we explore movements that target the upper and lower abs, the obliques, as well as the entire back body. The core supports our movements, both on and off of the mat.

This practice is fiery, swift and fun!

You are strong! 🔥

You got this! We got this!

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