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7 Days of Yoga Day 3

Yoga For Hips And Lower Back

Welcome to Day 3 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge! In today’s class, we show some love to the hips and lower back.

This class includes some of my favorite stretches and movements designed to strengthen, stretch, and improve mobility in the hips and the lower back.

Today’s practice includes a number of sweet hip openers. The hips are said to carry a lot of tension and emotion. So friend, if emotions bubble to the surface, allow it to happen. It is all a part of the process.

The low back receives love today as we explore postures that can help improve mobility throughout the lumbar region. We also explore postures that can strengthen the lower back. In tandem, this can help reduce the future likelihood of back discomfort, pain and injury.

I invite you to return to this practice throughout the year! Low back pain and injury are very common occurrences. Feel free to make use of this practice for preventative care.

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