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15 Minute Bedtime Yoga For Sleep

Yoga For Sleep is a 15 minute yoga practice designed to help you wind down before bed.

This 15 Minute Bedtime Yoga practice is soft, sweet and oh so gentle. We stay low to the ground as we explore restorative yoga poses.

This practice offers a full body stretch, including some hip openers, which can help us let go of anything that doesn’t serve us well. Perhaps even inviting us to let go of the day.

Tending to the physical body can help us release tension in the mind and emotional bodies. This tension can sometimes prevent us from falling asleep fast and from having a restful sleep.

This bedtime flow will invite a gentle release to the low back. This can feel so good especially if you find yourself sitting for long periods of time.

The feet will also receive a little love with an option to massage the arches of the feet.

You can do this practice from the comfort of your bed!

I invite you to bring pillows and a blanket with you to today’s practice to get extra comfy and cozy.

Wear your comfy clothes and socks if you wish!

This time is for YOU, so make the most of it!

Sleep well 😴

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