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Nervous System Reset Program


This program is designed to support all layers of your being, starting with the physical layer (the outermost layer) and working our way to the innermost self (at the center or the core of our being).

This program includes a variety of yoga poses, movements, breathwork, affirmations, as well as stress-busting techniques that can help reset your nervous system.

A nervous system reset could look like and feel like…
Having more energy
Improved sleep quality
Reduced muscular tension
Improved mood
Accessing joy more readily
Having an improved awareness of your internal dialogue
Feeling your emotions, allowing them to be acknowledged and expressed
Being present more often
Noticing body patterns and tendencies, and making small adjustments if that feels good
Noticing and feeling your breath in your body
An improved relationship with yourself
Showing compassion more often to yourself through words and actions
And so much more!

I hope that you will join me on this inward journey!

Let’s slowly peel back the layers together.

Who knows what you’ll discover as you do!

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