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Nervous System Reset Day 0


Welcome to your Nervous System Reset 7 Day Yoga Program! Thank you for choosing to go on this inward journey. What an amazing gift you’ve given to your mind, body and spirit.

Today is orientation day or Day 0! Let’s call it a warm welcome from my heart to yours.

This warm welcome video includes…
- Insight in relation to what the next 7 days will look like.
- Why this program is essential for your nervous system health.
- What compassionate curiosity is, and how it can support us physically, mentally and emotionally both on and off the mat.
- Props that are recommended and nice to have, as well as suggestions regarding clothing.
- Discussion regarding the optional reflection prompts activity (found on the “Community” tab on the Yoga with Rachel YouTube channel).
- A short grounding breathwork practice that you can do from anywhere (even from your bed)!

I encourage you to invite your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors and pets to join in!

One final note. I firmly believe that we (as in humanity), are becoming more and more disconnected from our minds and bodies. We turn away from ourselves when things become challenging and/or when uncomfortable emotions and thoughts come up. I invite you to lean into these thoughts and feelings as they come up throughout this program without passing judgment. It may be tempting to grab your phone and text during the practice. Or it may be tempting to stop the video when we are still for too long. I encourage you to stick with it. Breathe through the discomfort. I promise you this, turning towards your body instead of away from your body is the most loving and compassionate thing that you can do for yourself. I know, that’s a bold statement. However, I truly stand by what I’m saying. Turn towards your body. Go inward. Listen with an open mind and heart. Get to know yourself. Be a kind friend to yourself. This is the foundation for bringing about balance to your mind and body.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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