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10 Minute Morning Yoga

7 Day Yoga Challenge

So you may be asking yourself...

Why join this morning yoga challenge?

Yoga with Rachel Lizard Pose.JPG

Receive A Boost

In Energy

Engage In Gentle Stretches To Get Relief From Sore Muscles

Build Strength

Mobility Icon.png

Improve Mobility

Reduce Stress Levels

Improve Focus

Improve Mood

A morning yoga practice encourages you to check in with yourself by noticing how you feel!

By practicing daily, you are gifting yourself with some you-time!

Demonstrate love and appreciation for yourself by establishing a consistent morning yoga routine to help you move and feel better!

By the end of this challenge, you will have 7 classes that you can return to! You can select a class that best meets your goals, interests or needs for that day. 

This challenge is a great way to engage in movement daily, and to perhaps empower you to make yoga a core component of your daily morning routine! 

Enjoy this gift of daily mindful movement! 


With Love, 


~Rachel xo 

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