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DAY 3 Full Body Stretch for Sore & Stiff Muscles

10 Minute MORNING YOGA! Welcome to DAY 3 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Make this practice a part of your daily MORNING YOGA ROUTINE!

Today’s yoga practice is a full body stretch for sore and stiff muscles.
I think we have all experienced a morning, or two or more where our body just feels stiff and achy. Our muscles may feel tense or sore.

I especially experience this in my neck and upper back body due to how I sleep.
Perhaps your low back, legs or feet are feeling stiff, sore or just plain tired!

Well I got ya covered! This 10 minute flow involves some gentle stretches that will leave the physical body feeling ready to take on the day!

All that you need is 10 minutes, yourself and your breath.

See ya on the mat!

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