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DAY 1 Ease into the Day

10 Minute MORNING YOGA! Welcome to DAY 1 of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Make this practice a part of your daily MORNING YOGA ROUTINE!

If you are new here, WELCOME! If you are already a community member, WELCOME back!

It is an absolute honor to have the opportunity to lead you in this Morning Yoga Challenge!

EASE into the day!
I know, I know, it can be a challenge to get out of a warm and cozy bed.

This is why we begin our journey together with some gentle movement to not only help us ease into our yoga challenge, but also into our day.

We connect breath to movement, engage in mindful movement, turn our attention inward to notice how we feel, and so much more.

All that you need is 10 minutes, yourself and your breath.

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