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Warrior 3!

Updated: Jan 19

Curious about Warrior III? You can explore this pose with me on the Yoga with Rachel YouTube channel!

What words come to mind when you see Warrior III? Perhaps strength, stability, challenge, power, balance, vulnerability, fear, empowerment, uncertainty, etc.

My first attempt with this pose was a frustrating one. I wanted to achieve the end result right away. I fell out of Warrior III numerous times, engaged in negative self-talk, and wanted to give up.

I had an “aha” moment a couple of months later. I was reminding my class about the importance of showing their work (i.e. the process), and not just the final answer. This got me thinking…wasn’t I trying to skip the process and force my body into Warrior III? I was so focused on achieving the end result that I totally forgot about the importance of the process. I had to acknowledge that my body and mind were not equipped to tackle this pose quite yet. I had to do the work first!

I watched several YouTube tutorials that broke down Warrior III. I practiced other yoga postures that would help me gain more balance and strength in my legs and hip flexors. I slowed down my pace, and really paid attention to the sensations flowing throughout my body. And one day, I finally “lifted off!” I felt FREE! I felt proud that I didn’t just give up!

I no longer view Warrior III as merely an end destination. This posture is dynamic. My experience in Warrior III will change as I continue to grow this posture. I hope to find more strength and ease as I do. It is all a part of the journey!

Think of a time when you just wanted to “throw in the towel.” Perhaps consider how you “lifted off.” In other words, how did you overcome the struggle, the feelings of frustration, the apprehensions, the self-doubt, etc.? Perhaps you can use these insights to assist you in overcoming challenges that you encounter in the future. Perhaps these insights can propel you forward, and in doing so, create more ease in your life.


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