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Tree Pose!

Updated: Jan 19

Explore Tree Pose with me on Yoga with Rachel today!

Trees are an integral part of our ecosystem. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Trees are a food source for many organisms across the globe. Trees offer a home to many species and its materials can be used to create shelter. Trees have been around for millions of years. They have evolved and adapted to ensure their survival. Trees are absolutely resilient!

With that being said, trees are not indestructible. Trees get knocked down from both natural causes and human intervention all the time. We lose trees due to elements that are beyond our control, such as natural disasters. Unfortunately, most trees are cut down for capital gains and land development. Luckily, there are countless organizations that are taking matters into their own hands and are actively planting trees. This is a great way to replenish this resource and give back to our beautiful planet.

One could argue that our lives are similar to the life of a tree. We are not indestructible human beings. There are times when we are truly hurt. There are times when we get knocked down by something that we did not see coming, or something that was beyond our control. There are also times when we get “cut down” by those in our lives or even a complete stranger. You may have experienced moments of self-sabotage. Perhaps you purposefully stopped going after a goal of yours for fear of failure. Perhaps you quit doing something because things were becoming too difficult. Or perhaps negative-self talk emerged, and you ended up convincing yourself that you are not good enough. These are ways in which we can knock ourselves down.

But there is HOPE! We have the capacity to pick ourselves back up. Sure, gusty winds will come along causing us to sway or almost lose our balance. That is life. But it is how we respond to those turbulent moments that truly matters.

How do you keep your “tree” standing tall?


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