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Goals for 2020 - Part 1

Updated: Jan 19

Letting go of my perfectionist tendencies.

My perfectionism stems from my early years. Society and other socializing agents have directly and indirectly expressed that achievement is equated with success. I started to believe that in order to achieve, I needed to attain perfect marks. I pushed myself to study hard, neglected friendships, relationships with my family members, and became unconcerned about my well-being. When I achieved an exceptional grade, I had a brief moment of satisfaction. This feeling was quickly replaced with “I need to achieve more” and “I can do better!” I am a firm believer in adopting a growth mindset and looking for ways to improve; nonetheless, my relationship with achievement was becoming an unhealthy habit. Undeniably, perfectionism has stayed with me.

I used to think that perfectionism would propel me forward. Now, I am seeing its destructive nature. Perfectionism has wreaked havoc on my physical, mental and emotional bodies. I am tense, I struggle with anxiety, I worry, I engage in negative self-talk, I self-sabotage, and I sometimes feel as if I am not worthy or good enough. This year, I am LETTING GO of my perfectionist tendencies. It is an old story that is not useful to me. I have the power to let go of this old story. It will take A LOT of work!

How will I accomplish this? First, STOP identifying myself as a “perfectionist.” This label is not useful to me. I will demonstrate empathy and kindness towards myself. I can accomplish this by engaging in Metta Meditation, as this will help me cultivate compassion towards myself, others and the world. I will focus on progress, rather than the end result. Yoga can help me accomplish this. Yoga helps me focus on progressing into various postures physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. I will redefine failure as being an opportunity to grow and learn. Remember, FAIL = First Attempt In Learning.

My goal starts TODAY! What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?


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