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Extended Child's Pose

Updated: Jan 19

Curious about Extended Child's Pose? Check out my video on this posture above!

Child’s Pose is typically regarded as a “resting posture.” I have also heard yoga instructors state that this is a pose of surrender, a time for inner reflection, and a posture that can calm the nervous system. With that being said, I know quite a few individuals who would argue that this posture is anything but relaxing. I found this fascinating, as I personally find quite a bit of ease in Extended Child’s Pose. I decided to investigate how I could help others find more ease in this pose. This involved some experimentation and PLAY!

During my explorations, the word ‘support’ kept coming to my mind. So therefore, I grabbed some props and made my way to Extended Child’s Pose. I probably could have stayed there for hours!

This exploration got me thinking about the importance of support - even when we think that we do not need it. A support system can have numerous benefits to our overall well-being.

I am so grateful for the support system in my life. My wonderful soon-to-be husband supports my dreams, eases my fears and is eager to help me achieve my goals. I can talk to my mom about anything without fear of being judged or questioned. My dad willingly listens to my concerns and offers me words of encouragement. My brother challenges and encourages me to persevere through tough times. And my cat, Angel, loves me unconditionally. I feel very fortunate! Of course, I do my best to reciprocate support right back to my loved ones.

Independence has its time and place. When going through challenging moments, it can be comforting to know that you are supported and loved.

Although I can do Extended Child’s Pose without the use of props, I also like knowing that the support is there when I need it. :)

Who is in your corner?


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