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Dancer Pose!

Updated: Jan 19

Explore Dancer Pose with me on the Yoga with Rachel YouTube channel!

This pose reminds me of the song, “Life’s a Dance,” by John Michael Montgomery. In dance, there are moments when we lead and times when we follow. Life can be like this too. There are times when we lean forward with our hearts wide open. We trust ourselves to move forward and take risks. We embrace the unknown, the uncertainties and the obstacles that may be standing in our way. We push forward.

There are also moments when we want to take a step back. To feel both feet touching the earth. To feel grounded. Perhaps we feel safer when we choose to remain where we are. It may be easier to just simply follow suit in order to avoid conflict or stress.

One is not better than the other. This is simply something to acknowledge and consider. Do you lead or follow? Perhaps you do a combination of the two.

When one is first learning a dance routine, triumphs and mistakes will be made. The dancer may fall, misstep, trip and stumble as they learn the new routine. The dancer will put in the work, try their best, and with time, move through the routine with fewer difficulties. This is a part of the journey. The “failures” are how we learn and grow. The same goes for life.

There are times when things in our lives do not go according to plan. Perhaps we forget to provide pertinent information during an interview, fail our final exam, lose our job, forget to pay a bill, and so on. This is life. It is messy. Mistakes will be made. But we have the ability to learn and grow from any setback.

Life also consists of many glorious moments, such as the birth of a newborn baby, buying a house, graduating from post-secondary school, finding freedom by letting go of past hurts, and so forth. Everyone experiences ups and downs in life. Consider your response to your successes and failures.

Dance is movement. And so is life! Not only are we physically moving our bodies, yet we are also moving and changing our mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies on a daily basis. Take some time to think about where you were a year ago to where you are today. What changes have occurred in your life? Do you feel as if there is forward momentum in your life? Do you feel stuck in the same place? Do you feel as if you are moving backwards?

All this talk about dance makes me want to just get up and bust a move! Care to join me in this dance that we call life?


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