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Connect To Your Mind, Body And Spirit With Yoga.

Hey there! I'm Rachel - a certified yoga instructor, fascial fitness trainer and wellness enthusiast. I share my love of movement and wellness through my growing YouTube channel, Yoga with Rachel.

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About Me

About Yoga with Rachel

Yoga has helped Rachel mindfully peel back the layers of her being so that she could recognize, feel, appreciate and process the sensations that were showing up in her mind and body as chronic pain, anxiety and panic.

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Love From The Community


Sean S.

I’ve been following Yoga with Rachel for the last 4 years and have seen noticeable improvements in my mental, physical and emotional health.


Rachel's calm and positive demeanor resonates deeply with me and allows me to be present and mindful in every class. I've started to notice changes in my thought patterns off of the mat, which has allowed me to meet life's challenges with more grace.



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