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Yoga for Tension Headaches

Yoga For Tension Headaches. Get relief from your tension headache with this gentle practice.

Tension headaches suck 😢 Period.

Knowing what is causing or contributing to your tension headache can help reduce the frequency of the tension headache.

Common causes include:
Poor posture habits (forward head posture, tight neck muscles)
Teeth clenching or grinding (impacts the jaw)
Eye strain (looking at a screen for long period of time)
Certain food and drinks

Here’s what you can try when you have a tension headache and/or for preventative care:
Gentle neck stretches
Taking frequent breaks from the computer
Engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily
Breathwork practices to reduce stress and anxiety
Get enough sleep
Do your best not to skip any meals throughout your day
Stay hydrated
Bring awareness to your posture (adopting a regular yoga practice can help with this)
Keep a headache diary to help identify triggers and the frequency of tension headaches. You may wish to discuss your findings with a healthcare professional to see what your next steps are.

This yoga class includes gentle neck and back stretches to help you get relief from tight and stiff muscles.

We also bring awareness to the breath as we engage in gentle stretches.

We conclude our practice with a gentle massage to the back of the head (base of skull) to get that much-needed release.

Please bring a yoga block or thick book with you to the practice.
All good if you don’t have this item, as I will provide other options to explore.

It is my hope that you feel better following this class.

✨Kindly share this class with anyone who experiences tension headaches✨

Take care! 💜

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