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Yoga For Sinus Headache

Join Yoga with Rachel for this gentle and supportive Yoga For Sinus Headache Relief practice.

This class is great for those experiencing facial pain due to pressure and/or inflammation in the sinus cavities. This class can also offer relief from nasal congestion (have Kleenex nearby).

We begin the practice with a face massage intended to offer relief from sinus-related pressure. We explore gentle stretches and movements designed to help us release stored tension, while tending to areas of stiffness.

Today’s flow invites you to slow down the pace as we listen to our body and demonstrate self-love.

I invite you to bring a pillow or two, as well as a blanket to your space. Nice to have items are an eye pillow (or face cloth), Kleenex and a glass of water. Staying hydrated is very important as this can help break up mucus. These items will offer support during today’s class.

Feel free to dim the lights and reduce the brightness on your computer screen in case you are experiencing light sensitivity.

Move through this class at a pace that feels good for you, and permission to pause the video at any point to grab a drink, stay in a posture longer, or for a longer self-massage.

Feel better sweet friend.

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