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Yoga for Migraines

Yoga For Migraines is a gentle yoga practice for all. This practice includes gentle and supportive yoga poses and stretches that can assist with reducing migraine pain.

Included in this practice is some soothing breathwork. Breathing exercises can activate the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest-and-digest response), helping us destress as we invite fresh oxygen into the body.

For this class, I invite you to a blanket or a pillow, an eye pillow or a face cloth and a glass of water.

Dim the lights, dim your screen, and if you can, practice in a scent-free environment. This can help reduce the severity of the migraine. Strong scents can trigger or worsen an existing migraine.

Here’s what you can try when you have a migraine and/or for preventative care:
- Place an ice pack (wrapped in a cloth) on your neck and by the base of your skull. This can feel SO GOOD!
- Keep your fluids up! Drink water.
- Reduce the amount of light in your room by turning the lights off and closing the curtains. Eyes can be sensitive to bright light when you have a migraine.
- Eat some ginger! This can help with nausea and queasy feelings in the belly due to a migraine headache.
- A gentle massage to relax tight muscles (neck, upper back) and to elicit a relaxation response.
- Try an Epsom salt bath (scent-free), as this can relax tight muscles.
- Try breathing exercises and/or a meditation practice.
- Keep a diary of your triggers. Once you discover what your triggers are, you can avoid them! Triggers could be lack of sleep, chocolate, red wine, poor posture habits, teeth clenching/grinding, etc.
- Talk to a healthcare professional to explore options to support you if you experience chronic migraines.

It is my hope that this class brings you some level of relief.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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