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Yoga for Headache Relief

Yoga For Headache Relief. Oh sweet friend, I am so sorry that you are experiencing a headache. Let’s get you feeling better so that you can carry on with your day!

This restorative class includes gentle stretches designed to release tension in the body.

We make use of equal breathing to nourish the mind and body with fresh oxygen. Equal breathing also invites the nervous system to calm down, offering loving support to the nervous system.

We explore a few restorative postures, such as legs up the wall and supported bridge pose. These postures can help lessen the severity of the headache, bringing that much-needed relief.

I invite you to bring a pillow, blanket and a yoga block (or similar sized item) to your space today. These items will offer support in today’s class.
All good if these items are not available. Work with what you have!

Practice close to a wall for legs up the wall. If you are practicing in bed, feel free to send your legs up the headboard instead.

In relation to your physical space, I invite you to reduce the brightness of your computer screen, dim the lights, close the curtains or blinds, and practice in a scent-free and noise-free environment (if possible).

If you experience headaches often, I invite you to return to this class for preventative care. You may begin to notice that the frequency of headaches decreases the more you do this practice. Especially since headaches can be caused by stress, posture, tension in the body, eye strain, etc.

I hope that you feel better soon!

Sending love, light and healing your way.

P.S. A kind reminder to stay hydrated. Take sips of water throughout your day!

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