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Wall Yoga For Beginners

Welcome to your Restorative Yoga Class At The Wall. In this practice, we explore several restorative yoga poses using the support of a wall (or a headboard if you are practicing from the comfort of your bed). This class includes postures and breathwork designed to restore balance in the mind and body.

The following are some of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of restorative yoga at the wall:
- Improved circulation
- Improved lymph drainage
- Boost in energy
- Promotes deep relaxation
- Calms the nervous system
- Improved mood
- Releases muscular tension
- Boost in immune system response, which enhances the body's internal healing mechanisms (great for easing chronic pain)
- Improved emotional resilience
- Fosters a deeper connection with yourself
- The opportunity to practice self-compassion
- Improved automatic functions (e.g. heart rate, digestive processes, respiration rate, etc.)
- And more!

I recommend joining this practice closer towards your bedtime so you can get a deep and restful night of sleep.

Some nice to have items for today's practice are 2 blankets or 2 pillows. Feel free to bring these items to your space. You can join this practice from the comfort of your bed, using your headboard as your "wall."

It is my hope that this practice serves you well.

Feel free to let me know how this class goes for you in the comments.

If you enjoyed this class, kindly share this practice with others.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day!!

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