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Restorative Yoga With Bolster

Join Yoga with Rachel for a Restorative Yoga with Bolster class!

In today's restorative yoga class, we explore three beginner-friendly postures that invite us to relax and restore.

The postures in our class will provide a gentle full body stretch, reversing the effects of sitting for long periods of time.

In addition to this, these postures are fantastic for soothing the nervous system and can reduce tension throughout the entire body.

Please bring a bolster with you. You can use a rectangular bolster or a round one.
If you do not have a bolster, you can always make your own!
You can either roll a blanket or fold a blanket a few times. Or you can use a large, firm pillow as your bolster.

You have options that you can explore!

You can do this practice first thing in the morning, in the afternoon or before bed!

We hold each posture for at least 5 minutes in order to maximize the benefits of each pose.

It is my hope that this practice serves you well.

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