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Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation - need I say more? This 30 minute Restorative Yoga Flow is simple, and oh so effective at encouraging the mind and body to relax.

We bring awareness to the breath right at the beginning of this yoga practice. We play around with elongating the exhalations to elicit a relaxation response. When we do this, we are signaling to the mind that it is time to slow down the pace.

We explore grounding, supportive and gentle restorative yoga poses that encourage us to be present in mind and body; to let go of anything that isn't serving us well. When we do this, we make space for that which serves us well.

Please bring a bolster or a firm pillow (to support your torso and head), or you can bring 2-3 blankets to make your own bolster. All you have to do is fold the blankets a few times and then stack them on top of one another to create a rectangular bolster.

I highly encourage props for this class as we hold each pose for roughly 5 minutes. This allows us to stay in the pose for a longer period of time.

Posture holds can help improve flexibility in the physical body as we use the breath to soften and release tension from specific areas of the body, such as the hips, chest and low back.

Wear comfy clothes and dim the lights.

If you fall asleep, awesome! That can happen as the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in!

I hope you enjoy this class dear one.

Lots of love to ya.

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