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My Yogic Journey Thus Far...

Updated: Jan 19

My yogic journey started approximately three years ago. At this time, I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder tension. My research and recommendations from various health professionals led me to yoga.

As my practice evolved, so did my appreciation for the tools of yoga. I noticed a shift starting to take place within me. The negative mental chatter, “what-if” statements, worries about the future, and self-doubt started to fade away. It was replaced by confidence, joy, happiness and freedom. I uncovered that the tools of yoga were not only transforming my physical body, yet it was playing a key role in improving my mental and emotional well-being. I fell in love with yoga. This was when I made the decision to share my passion for health and wellness with the world.

Fast-forward two years, and I find myself training to become a yoga instructor. Special shout-out to Asia Nelson for creating a unique training course that focuses on sustainable movement. I learned A LOT about myself from my explorations on the mat. For example, the way I move on my mat is a true reflection to how I move in my daily life (i.e. fast, rigid, robotic, overlooking the process, eager to get to that end goal, etc.). Through yoga and this training program, I started to rediscover and reconnect with myself.

Finally, I am proud to say that I am a Pranalife Certified Yoga Instructor! I am a part of the "movement rebels" here in the Waterloo Region. I have decided to share my passion for yoga and teaching online so that way I can reach as many individuals as possible!

See you on the mat!

Take care friends,



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