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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief - Grounding Yoga Flow

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief. Join me for a 20 Minute Grounding Yoga Flow.

It happens. We have moments, days, weeks, etc. where we feel anxious and/or stressed out.

This 20 minute grounding yoga flow is designed to soothe the nervous system by tending to frayed nerves.

This practice is intended to restore and relax both the mind and body through breathwork and restorative yoga postures.

It is my hope that the postures and breathwork from this practice serves you well, not only on the mat, but also off of the mat.

There’s an option to bring a blanket or a pillow (or both) with you to our practice.

Wear comfy clothes, light a candle and maybe even dim the lights.

Consider what would be most useful to you in the present moment.

Take good care my dear friend.

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