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Morning Yoga to Release Tension

Good morning! Welcome to your Morning Yoga practice for Tension Relief. Do you wake up feeling stiff, achy, sore, tense, exhausted? If you said “yes,” then this practice is for you!

When tension accumulates in the spine, our movements can become rather stiff and rigid. That’s why this class includes a number of postures and movements designed to release tension from the spinal chain.

This class offers an invitation to choose ease and let go of force. It may be tempting to force yourself into a pose for a deeper stretch or to rush through the movements. This class invites you to let ease in. How can you soften a little more? How can you be a kind friend to your mind and body? Consider the message that you send to your mind and body when you ease into your day.

I encourage you to bookmark this class so you can return to it often. Start your morning with some slow, mindful movement. Your entire being will thank you!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

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