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Guided Meditation For Positive Energy

Welcome to your 10 Minute Guided Meditation For Positive Energy.

Meditation practices can be quite powerful and beneficial to our mind, body and soul.

A kind reminder that this is a practice. This is not something that we need to master right away or even at all.

Practice makes progress. I do not believe in perfection as I believe that there’s always ways in which we can grow and improve.

So dear friend, be kind to yourself. Allow the thoughts to flow through you. There’s no need to push these thoughts away or control them. If you feel the need to fidget, please fidget. If you feel the need to open up your eyes, please do so!

You can choose to do this practice in a seat, kneeling position or on your back. You can sit on a folded blanket or a pillow to help you sit tall through the spine with more ease.

If finding complete stillness feels impossible right now, but you are eager to do this class, I invite you to explore a Walking Meditation. Perhaps carve out a path (10 or so steps). Pay attention to how your feet connect with the surface as you listen to this guided meditation. This could be a great starting point and a wonderful introduction to meditation.

It is my hope that this meditation serves you well. Feel free to do this meditation practice in the morning, afternoon or into the evening.

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