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10 Minute Morning Meditation To Have A Great Day

We begin with some gentle movement as we settle into our morning meditation practice.

I invite you to check-in with how you feel energetically. Do you feel tired? Energetic? Hungry? Stiff? Happy? Ready to start the day?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Simply take note of how you feel. It is okay if you are unsure with how you feel. The main thing is that you are here! You showed up to the practice!

In today’s meditation, we set an intention for our day and make use of a mantra to support us in our practice.

I invite you to find a comfortable seat of your choice. Feel free to sit on a cushion, folded up blanket or pillow for today’s meditation. This encourages a lovely lift in our hips and helps us sit up taller, allowing the energy and breath to travel more freely throughout our body.

I encourage you to make this meditation practice a part of your morning routine.

Thank you so much for joining me!

Have a lovely morning and day!

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