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Full Body Yoga With Fascia Activation

Welcome to your Full Body Yoga Flow with Fascia Activation! Fascia is sheets of connective tissue that is found throughout the entire body. Examples include: tendons, ligaments, cartilage and joints. Fascia forms beneath the skin, and it attaches, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs. You can think of fascia like a spider web of connections encasing your whole body.

The basic functions of fascia include:
1. Give your body shape and structure
2. Movement, as it transfers and stores energy
3. Transports fluids and important nutrients throughout the body
4. Communicates as it is a sensory organ that reports information to the brain and autonomic nervous system

Fascia can be healthy or dense and matted. When there’s disruptions in your fascia, one might experience chronic pain, reduced range of motion, stiffness (especially in the morning), reduced levels of energy, poor mobility, reduced collagen production, increased risk of injury, muscle soreness, poor coordination, and more.

Keeping our fascia nourished and healthy is super important!

Today’s class includes familiar yoga postures and some movements that are designed to activate your fascia.

Yoga is already great for fascia. With that said, there’s different types of fascia. Diverse movements can help reach various types of fascia.

I invite you to be curious, explore and play on your mat today. We can learn quite a bit about ourselves when we keep an open mind.

As you move today, do your very best to pay attention to how your body connects with the surface beneath you. Pay attention to how your breath flows through you. Notice movement patterns. Pay attention to which side of your body is more dominant. Which side allows for freedom of movement. Observe. Take note. And perhaps, play around with making some adjustments throughout today’s class.

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