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Day 5 - Self-Love

WELCOME to DAY 5 of our at-home yoga journey!
Today’s theme is SELF-LOVE.

Just as we did in our other practices, I invite you to reflect upon your understanding of self-love. What are some of the ways that you demonstrate self-love? Do you carve out time to do something you enjoy throughout the week? Does self-love mean saying kind, loving and thoughtful words to yourself? If you are unsure, it is all good! Please know that you are not alone. I do want you to know that you are loved and you most definitely are worthy of receiving love!

Joining me here today on the mat may be an act of self-love. You are carving out some time for movement and reflection.

Today, we blanket ourselves in love!

***Miss Angel makes a special guest appearance as well! She shows you how she demonstrates self-love! You do not want to miss it as it is SUPER CUTE!!!***

I encourage you to bring a blanket and a pillow with you to the practice as we get nice and cozy at the end of our practice together.

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