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Day 3 - Respond

WELCOME to DAY 3 of our at-home yoga journey!
Today’s theme is RESPOND.

Respond can mean something different to each of us. For today’s practice, we will be considering how we respond to challenges both on and off the mat.

Challenges can be useful. Challenges can help us learn, grow and develop. They can encourage us to try something new or perhaps take a risk.

Our response to challenges vary. We may rise to the occasion. We may shy away from the challenge. We may become frustrated or irritated.

My first attempt in Warrior III was ROUGH! I kept falling out of the posture. Negative self-talk commenced. I did not think I would ever be able to do this posture. Part of me wanted to give up; to throw in the towel. But another part of me remained hopeful that I would be able to do it with time, practice and patience. It took some time, but I eventually took off!

We can develop perseverance, determination and grit from challenges or challenging moments.
This is something to consider as we flow today!

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