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Day 7 - Reflect

WELCOME to DAY 7 of our at-home yoga journey! OUR FINAL DAY!!!!
Today’s theme is REFLECT.

In today’s practice, we take some time to reflect upon our 7 day yoga journey. At the beginning of our practice, we reflect upon why we decided to embark on this 7 day challenge. We consider our INTENTION. Has your intention changed or has it stayed the same?

We RECOGNIZE patterns and habits developed in our minds and body, such as holding our breath, clenching our teeth, noticing areas in our body that feel collapsed, our thought patterns, etc. We reflect upon whether these patterns or habits are the same or if they have changed.

We RESPOND to challenges that we encounter on our mat. Today, we spend time reflecting upon ways in which we can respond to these challenges in a productive way.

We explore this idea of being OPEN. We reflect upon what it means to be open and why that could be useful both on and off the mat.

We demonstrate self-love today. We reflect upon the importance of SELF-LOVE and how that can alter the way we move both on and off of the mat.

Lastly, we PRACTICE GRATITUDE. We reflect upon some ways in which we can show both gratitude towards ourselves and others.

BONUS: I have devoted some time to play on our mats. I extend an invitation to you to reflect upon the postures and movements that we have explored in our journey. You can pick and choose which poses to explore. Of course, you can always follow along with whatever I am doing!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for going on this 7 day yoga journey with me! I am so grateful for each and every one of you.
I hope that you have learned something about yourself, yoga and/or movement during our time together.

With Love,

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