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10 Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners | DAY 9

Welcome to DAY 9 of our 10 Day YOGA CHALLENGE!

For Day 9, we take some time to relax and restore!

We tend to both the mind and the body. We tap into a conscious breath at the beginning of this practice. The breath can serve as a tool to help calm down the nervous system.

We move through supportive poses that offer a gentle stretch to our entire body. We hold these postures a little longer today to maximize the benefits of each pose.

Daily Affirmation:
“I give myself permission to pause for fresh air.” -

Do you make time for self-care? What fills your cup?

For me, it is cuddling with my cat (Angel), drinking tea, spending time with my family, reading, dancing and singing to old school music and re-watching The Office a billion and one times.

Anyways my darling friends, I hope that this sweet and yummy practice serves you well.

Take it easy, and see you tomorrow for Day 10! Our final day!!!

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