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10 Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners | DAY 5

Welcome to DAY 5 of our 10 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE!

We have reached our halfway point!!! YESSSS!!! 🥳

For Day 5 of our 10 Day Yoga Challenge, we explore standing yoga poses and movements.

In today’s practice we explore poses that build both strength and stability in our body. These postures challenge us to dig deeper and connect to our breath.

No need to worry, there will be periods of rest in there!

Daily Affirmation:
“I am strong.”

What does the word “strong” mean to you? What qualities come to mind when you consider the word “strength”?

There’s no right or wrong. Consider how you can apply these words both on and off of the mat.

I believe in you! You got this!

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