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10 Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners | DAY 10

Welcome to DAY 10, our FINAL day of this YOGA CHALLENGE! YOU DID IT!

For our final day, we explore fun and creative ways in which we can move on our mats.

We tap into some creative energy. There’s an invitation to drop what we think the pose should look like, and instead focus on how we FEEL in each posture.

I highly encourage organic movements, listening to your body, as well as trying out tools and strategies that work best for you! Make this practice your OWN!

I have devoted some time to freestyle movement on our mats. Of course, you can always follow along with what I am doing.

Daily Affirmation:
“My creative energy has no limits.” -Graceful.Rebel

Does this statement resonate with you? How do you demonstrate creativity? Do you value creativity?
These are questions to consider.

As always, there’s no right or wrong answer. ENJOY!

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