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Yoga Videos

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YouTube Series

Joint & Mobility Classes

Classes to help improve your joint health and mobility so that way you can MOVE and FEEL better.

Health & Wellness Talks

Learn more about various health and wellness topics including product reviews, self-care tips, healthy eating and more!

Let's Talk

Get to know Yoga with Rachel on a more personal level.

Yoga For The Classroom

Short yoga practices that are fantastic for virtual learners and for those learning in a classroom!


Yoga for Beginners

'How To' yoga videos and beginner-friendly yoga classes.

Themed Yoga Classes

Yoga classes tailored to meet a variety of goals, needs and interests.


Guided meditation practices for those brand new to meditation, and also for those who would like to deepen their current practice.


2-Minute Yoga Break

Quick yoga practices for those on the go.

Yoga Challenges

Make yoga a part of your daily routine with these yoga challenges!

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