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Yoga Tone: 2 in 1 Yoga for the CORE & BOOTY!

In today’s practice, we tone the CORE and the BOOTY! This is a swift and heat-building practice designed to build strength and stability in our body.

It is important to acknowledge the importance of our core muscles. The core really stabilizes the entire body. Our core helps us sit up tall and enables us to move from point A to point B. By building strength in our core, we are also strengthening other areas of our body. Strong core muscles help protect our back body, which could help prevent pain or injury.

The core does not only refer to our abdominal wall, as it also includes our mid and low back, hips, glutes and more!

Optional Items:
Feel free to bring along a yoga block, thick book or a similar-sized item to the practice. This will serve as a feedback tool and will help keep our core nice and stable.

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